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Katrina Erskine
Ms Katrina Erskine
Obstetric Fees*
Full Obstetric Care Package £8,500
Includes all antenatal visits, delivery, and postnatal care with your obstetrician usually until 6 weeks after birth.
Loyalty Price £8,000

Mid Antenatal Care Package:
from 34 weeks gestation = £7,000

Caesarean Section Only £6,000
To include one pre and one post natal consultation. Any additional pre natal consultations in this package are charged at £275.

Antenatal Care Only £550 per month

One-off Consultation £275
*These are limited to the fees paid to your obstetrician. They do not include the costs of investigations or hospital charges.

Follow up Consultation £225

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Your Obstetricians
Ms Katrina Erskine works as part of a small team of consultants offering private antenatal care and delivery. She offers a range of services from Single Consultations to Complete packages of Pregnancy Care.

She works alongside other highly respected consultants:
Mr O’Brien and Miss Claire Mellon to provide 24 hour consultant cover. All three have consultant appointments at London teaching hospitals.
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