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Antenatal Classes
The Portland Hospital Physiotherapy Department offers a range of pregnancy services. These include childbirth preparation classes for you and your partner as well as exercise classes to help maintain your general fitness and prepare your body for childbirth. For more information, or to book an appointment, contact the Physiotherapy department on 020 7390 6553.

Portland Midwives Booking Clinic
During your pregnancy you will have the opportunity to attend the Portland Midwives Booking Clinic who will be able to provide you with more information about your pregnancy and delivery and to discuss your birth plan or any concerns you may have.

Hospital Tour
If you would like to view the Obstetric facilities and accommodation offered at the Portland - please contact the Marketing Department at the Portland on 0207 390 8068 / 8067.

The Portland Hospital
All deliveries take place at the Portland Hospital. Established in 1983, the hospital has delivered over 32,000 babies and is equipped with specialist facilities to care for any complications affecting mother or baby.

Its maternity unit incorporates
5 delivery suites on a dedicated labour ward and 30 en-suite bedrooms. The delivery suite also has a birthing pool and operating theatre. There is a consultant anaesthetist on the delivery suite 24 hours a day, providing epidurals and emergency cover.

Experienced medical officers (specialising in obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics) are resident in the hospital 24 hours a day.
For emergencies, the maternity service is supported by a 24 hour on call theatre team.

The hospital has a
special care baby unit and neonatal intensive care for babies born over 32 weeks’ gestation. Should your baby need to be delivered before 32 weeks gestation we will arrange for your to be transferred to a tertiary obstetric and neonatal centre.
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