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Ms Katrina Erskine
Work undertaken:

> Pre-eclampsia > Placenta Praevia
> Multiple Pregnancy > Bleeding in Pregnancy
> Recurrent Miscarriage > Diabetes
> Kidney Disease
Management of Essential Hypertension

Vaginal Breech / Twin Delivery
> Vaginal Birth > Water Birth
> Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC)
> Caesarean Section
> Alternative Positions at Delivery

General Gynaecological Check up
> Heavy and Irregular Bleeding
> Investigation of Pelvic Pain and Sub-fertility
> Fibroids > Vulval Disease
> Abnormal Smears / Colposcopy
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Ms Erskine is a specialist in the management of large fibroids, colposcopy (management of abnormal smears) and vulval disease, and also sees women with general gynaecological problems. Ms Erskine is the lead obstetrician at The Homerton Hospital in East London, and specialises in "High Risk" Pregnancy.

She is the Associate Medical Director for Surgery, Women and Sexual Health at The Homerton and has co-written guidelines for antenatal care and delivery suite management that have been used in many hospitals.

Gynaecologically, she has an interest in the management of fibroids, and also is an accredited teaching colposcopist (management of women with abnormal smear tests).

Ms Erskine holds a monthly NHS clinic with a consultant dermatologist for women with vulval problems.
Ms Erskine has been a medico-legal expert for 15 years, and has written over 120 reports for both defence and claimants.

Ms Erskine’s research has included an MD Thesis on Pre-Eclampsia, fetal monitoring in labour, and the use of misoprostol in maternity care.

She has also written on a woman’s right to choose her mode of delivery.

Ms Erskine has been in private practice since 1995. She has three children, the third a successful “Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section”!

Cath McLaren
Secretary to Ms Katrina Erskine

The Portland Hospital
212 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QN
0207 390 8079
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