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Flying during Pregnancy
Flying in pregnancy is safe for the baby. However all people who fly, particularly flights over six hours, are at an increased risk of developing blood clots in their leg (DVTs or deep vein thromboses). Pregnancy further increases the risk of developing blood clots and this increased risk continues for six weeks after the baby is born. So flying when you are pregnant requires particular care.

Avoid dehydration
Dehydration makes your blood thicker and stickier and so more likely to clot. Drink plenty of fluids, but avoid alcohol and too much caffeine as these may dehydrate you.

While sitting ensure that you do the usual leg exercises regularly, and every couple of hours walk around the cabin.

Thrombosis Stockings
For a long haul flight, buy thrombosis stockings, which are available from large pharmacies.

Consider taking one low dose aspirin tablet (75mg), an hour before the flight.
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