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Pregnancy FAQs

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The Common Cold
Cough and Cold medicine often contain a range of ingredients such as caffeine, antihistamines and decongestants, many of which are not safe in pregnancy. Ideally, avoid all cold remedies and instead have steam inhalation and hot drinks. If necessary, take paracetamol for a brief period.

What can I take for hayfever?
Piriton is safe to take in pregnancy.

Indigestion and heartburn are common in pregnancy especially in the third trimester as the baby grows larger and puts pressure on your stomach.

The majority of antiacids are safe to take but you should avoid sodium bicarbonate as the sodium can be absorbed into the blood stream.

Many antibiotics are safe to use in pregnancy including penicillin antibiotics. However the following antibiotics should not be taken during pregnancy: Streptomycin, Sulphonamides, Tetracyclines.

The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book
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