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Toxoplasmosis (from cats & some foods)
If you have pet cats, or come into contact with cats or cats litter during your pregnancy, it is very important to wash your hands carefully afterwards, particularly before you eat. Cats may carry an infection called toxoplasmosis which, if you get it during pregnancy, can harm the baby. During pregnancy you should not touch or clean out the cat’s litter tray. It is also advisable that you garden only with gloves and that any fruit and vegetables you eat are thoroughly washed.

Chicken Pox
If you’ve already had chicken pox you are very unlikely to catch it again. Your baby cannot be affected unless you develop chicken pox for the first time during the pregnancy. If you don’t think you’ve had Chicken pox and you come into contact with somebody who has during your pregnancy, please let us know.
If blood tests show you have not previously had chicken pox, we will need to discuss with you the option of treatment to try to reduce the chances of you becoming infected. Studies show that two thirds of women who don’t think they’ve had chickenpox have in fact had it as a child. It’s just that it was so mild that it went unnoticed.

Group B Streptococcus
About one in three adults carry Group B Streptococcus in their intestines and a quarter of women carry it in their vaginas. During your pregnancy we will test you for Group B Streptococcus. If you are a carrier, then we will arrange for you to receive offer antibiotics intravenously during your labour to avoid the very small risk of you infecting your baby.

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